Freeze Damage - Take Steps to Reduce Potential Damage

IF YOU SEE A RESIDENCE OR BUSINESS WITH WATER LEAKING FROM IT, REPORT IT TO CITY OF VICTORIA  AT (361) 485-3381.  This will aide them in restoring service city wide.

If you have a possible frozen pipe in your building, Here is what to do first, and how best to turn in a claim to Germania Insurance. 

Freeze Damage: If you have heat in your home, you don't need to have faucets open.  Shutting them off will aide the city in trying to re-establish working pressure in the system. You could trickle the faucet that is farthest from the location where water enters your home system.   

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Buying Insurance shouldn't be risky. You benefit when you have an adviser you can talk to after a claim, but the best time to understand your coverage is before you have a loss. Come by or call us and find out how good it feels to have a friend in the business. 

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