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Call after something happens and before you start repairing or replacing the damage. If you want the company to consider paying you for repairs, they must have an opportunity for their representative to investigate the claim and inspect the damage. They will determine the cause, scope of damage and whether coverage is afforded in your policy.

Call us at (361) 573-4475 during business hours, or submit a contact form to initiate the report or your claim.

Or optionally, you can report your claim directly to your insurance carrier. Below are links to many of our represented company sites.

Allied Trust Insurance (800) 200-2842 

Foremost Insurance Company (800) 527-3907

Germania Insurance (877) 437-6264 (24 hours)
Roadside Assistance (855) 548-3455
Regular Office Number: (800) 392-2202

National Lloyds (800) 777-3636
By phone from 8am to 6pm CST Monday to Friday, or by email to 

Progressive Insurance  (800) 776-4737

State Auto (800) 766-1853

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (800) 788-8247

Texas Woodlands Insurance Company  (866) 849-1315

Wright National Flood Insurance Company  (800) 725-9472

Janecka Insurance Agency is here to help you with answers and assist in reporting your claim.

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