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Janecka Insurance Agency offers insurance with professional service and personal attention to the counties of the Crossroads in south Texas.

JIA has a proud history of providing Insurance to Victoria Texas over two generations, since 1976. Russell Janecka, together with his sister, Jill Friedel, have operated the agency since 1986. Over the years, the staff at JIA have grown in numbers to meet growing needs.

Because Victoria is largely rural in development, Russell likes to focus on rural property insurance. We represent companies uniquely designed to offer products that serve the insurance needs of country residents. In addition, our insurance agency represents several competitive markets for homeowners insurance and auto insurance in town as well.

The Janecka family are lifelong residents of Victoria and the insurance agency has grown with the city. The business has evolved and adapted technology to meet the demands and needs of its clients.  Meet our Staff, we are professionals and fellow Victorians. We pride ourselves in providing responsive, caring service; offering personalized advice to help customers feel comfortable with their insurance purchase.

A major objective we carry, is to meet the needs of our clients where they most comfortable, whether it be through face to face personal service or through the more immediate forms of electronic communication available today. We are early adopters of technology which meet the demands of millennials, and are comfortable working through email and online interactions, or even through texting. But we know that a personal connection, including phone calls and face to face conversation, is still preferred by many of our clients, so that won’t be going away any time soon.

All of us at Janecka Insurance Agency, are so grateful for the many years of support and partnership from our Crossroads community. We promise to continue to work daily to earn your loyalty.

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