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We live in a high-tech and electronic age. Protection from hacking, protection of client privacy, and protection against computer theft have become essential for a business.

Cyber insurance is a unique, non-tangible loss insurance, protecting against this new type of risk. It covers network interruption, ecommerce trading exposures, crime and protection from media and intellectual property risks. Janecka Insurance can offer policies which include loss control education and training, and full post-breach crisis management assistance.

Our unique CyberPro Insurance is suitable for nearly all business and industry sectors and can be adapted to almost any specific requirements to meet your needs.

Standard key coverage

  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Voluntary notification
  • Reputational harm
  • Crisis management and brand reestablishment following a social media event from employees
  • Coverage for rogue employees
  • Computer crime, electronic theft & telecommunications fraud
  • Forensic costs up to the full policy limit
  • Programming and human error
  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • Cyberscout™ Risk management services

Additional coverage

  • Costs to cover Payment Card Industry fines and penalties
  • Business interruption and data restoration coverage extension to external vendors
  • Notification costs outside of policy limits
  • Media coverage extended to physical products
  • All sub limits available up to the full policy limit
  • General Liability


To find out more about these, as well as other products and services, call Janecka Insurance Agency and we’ll help you to sleep better at night.

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